Maryam Phillips Executive Director of HSLC,

Maryam Phillips
Executive Director of HSLC

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HSLC Staff Members

  • Maryam Phillips, Executive Director
  • Vincent Mariner, Deputy Director
  • Doreva Belfiore, Director of Library Services
  • Tracy Carey, Chat Support Specialist
  • Courtney Dalessandro, Trainer
  • Soumitra Kayal, Systems Manager II
  • Mary Lynn Morris Kennedy, Electronic Resources Specialist
  • Joanne Krentz, Business Manager
  • Martha Payne, Cataloging and Metadata Specialist
  • Maxfield Shortte, Senior Systems Administrator
  • Alan Simon, Director of Network Services
  • Marjorie Sommerville, Administrative Assistant

I am pleased to have joined HSLC on March 1, 2013. HSLC has significant experience in developing and maintaining automation solutions for libraries, and in particular, solutions for statewide library services. I am a Drexel University graduate with 30+ years’ experience in public library administration and automation. I view automation as the foundation for quickly and cost-effectively delivering information and resources into the hands of people who need it. I welcome your ideas on how we can expand upon this mission! Feel free to contact me at or at LinkedIn [HTML ].