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Use-after-freedom: MiraclePtr

On September 13, 2022

Posted by Adrian Taylor, Bartek Nowierski and Kentaro Hara on behalf of the MiraclePtr team Memory safety bugs are the most numerous category of Chrome security issues and we’re continuing to investigate many solutions – both in C++ and in new programming languages. The most common type of memory safety bug is the “use-after-free”. We recently posted about an exciting series of technologies designed to prevent these. Those technologies (collectively, *Scan, pronounced “star scan”) are very powerRead more

Fuzzing beyond memory corruption: Finding broader classes of vulnerabilities automatically

On September 8, 2022

Posted by Jonathan Metzman, Dongge Liu and Oliver Chang, Google Open Source Security Team Recently, OSS-Fuzz—our community fuzzing service that regularly checks 700 critical open source projects for bugs—detected a serious vulnerability (CVE-2022-3008): a bug in the TinyGLTF project that could have allowed attackers to execute malicious code in projects using TinyGLTF as a dependency. The bug was soon patched, but the wider significance remains: OSS-Fuzz caught a trivially exploitable command inRead more

Announcing Google’s Open Source Software Vulnerability Rewards Program

On August 30, 2022

Posted by Francis Perron, Open Source Security Technical Program Manager, and Krzysztof Kotowicz, Information Security Engineer Today, we are launching Google’s Open Source Software Vulnerability Rewards Program (OSS VRP) to reward discoveries of vulnerabilities in Google’s open source projects. As the maintainer of major projects such as Golang, Angular, and Fuchsia, Google is among the largest contributors and users of open source in the world. With the addition of Google’s OSS VRP to ourRead more

Announcing the Open Sourcing of Paranoid's Library

On August 24, 2022

Posted by Pedro Barbosa, Security Engineer, and Daniel Bleichenbacher, Software EngineerParanoid is a project to detect well-known weaknesses in large amounts of crypto artifacts, like public keys and digital signatures. On August 3rd 2022 we open sourced the library containing the checks that we implemented so far ( The library is developed and maintained by members of the Google Security Team, but it is not an officially supported Google product.Read more

Making Linux Kernel Exploit Cooking Harder

On August 10, 2022

Posted by Eduardo Vela, Exploit CriticCover of the medieval cookbook. Title in large letters kernel Exploits. Adorned. Featuring a small penguin. 15th century. Color. High quality picture. Private collection. Detailed.The Linux kernel is a key component for the security of the Internet. Google uses Linux in almost everything, from the computers our employees use, to the products people around the world use daily like Chromebooks, Android on phones, cars, and TVs, and workloads on Google Cloud. BRead more

How Hash-Based Safe Browsing Works in Google Chrome

On August 8, 2022

By Rohit Bhatia, Mollie Bates, Google Chrome Security There are various threats a user faces when browsing the web. Users may be tricked into sharing sensitive information like their passwords with a misleading or fake website, also called phishing. They may also be led into installing malicious software on their machines, called malware, which can collect personal data and also hold it for ransom. Google Chrome, henceforth called Chrome, enables its users to protect themselves from such threatsRead more

DNS-over-HTTP/3 in Android

On July 19, 2022

Posted by Matthew Maurer and Mike Yu, Android team To help keep Android users’ DNS queries private, Android supports encrypted DNS. In addition to existing support for DNS-over-TLS, Android now supports DNS-over-HTTP/3 which has a number of improvements over DNS-over-TLS. Most network connections begin with a DNS lookup. While transport security may be applied to the connection itself, that DNS lookup has traditionally not been private by default: the base DNS protocol is raw UDP with no encryptRead more

Game on! The 2022 Google CTF is here.

On June 21, 2022

Posted by Jan Keller, Technical Entertainment Manager, Bug Hunters Are you ready to put your hacking skills to the test? It’s Google CTF time!The competition kicks off on July 1 2022 6:00 PM UTC and runs through July 3 2022 6:00 PM UTC. Registration is now open at true old Google CTF fashion, the top 8 teams will qualify for our Hackceler8 speedrunning meets CTFs competition. The prize pool stands similar to previous years at more than $40,000.We can’t wait to see whetRead more

SBOM in Action: finding vulnerabilities with a Software Bill of Materials

On June 14, 2022

Posted by Brandon Lum and Oliver Chang, Google Open Source Security TeamThe past year has seen an industry-wide effort to embrace Software Bills of Materials (SBOMs)—a list of all the components, libraries, and modules that are required to build a piece of software. In the wake of the 2021 Executive Order on Cybersecurity, these ingredient labels for software became popular as a way to understand what’s in the software we all consume. The guiding idea is that it’s impossible to judge the risks oRead more

Announcing the winners of the 2021 GCP VRP Prize

On June 3, 2022

Posted by Harshvardhan Sharma, Information Security Engineer, Google 2021 was another record-breaking year for our Vulnerability Rewards Program (VRP). We paid a total of $8.7 million in rewards, our highest amount yet. 2021 saw some amazing work from the security research community. It is worth noting that a significant portion of the reports we received were for findings in Google Cloud Platform (GCP) products. It is heartening to see an increasing number of talented researchers getting iRead more