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Local Irish Session (new location!)

Where: The Treehouse Coffee Shop, 120 W. Merchant Street, Audubon, NJ 08106, (856) 547 3270
When: Every Thursday night from 8-10pm.
Format:1st and 3rd Thursdays are "tunes" only sessions. 2nd& 4th Thursdays aretunes and songs. 1st Thursday is a regular session, allother days are done"round robin."

 Dennis and Kathy have been anchoring atraditional Irish musicsession for a number of years with a small group offriends.  It hasgrown over the years and there's a friendly mixed-age group of musicians who regularly attend. Newcomers are welcome. The only requirement is a love of, knowledge of, and respect for Traditional Irish music. After 14 years at the 3 Beans, we've had to move our session due to the closing of the Bean. We're now at the Treehouse Coffee Shop, which not only has great coffee but serves ice cream. Be sure to get there a little earlyin order to get a seat!


The style of this session is a little different. We go around the circleof musicians. We get musicians of all ages and instruments that show up:fiddles, harps, flutes, whistles. You get a chance to kick off your ownselection of tunes. If we know it we join in. Every other week,we also get a fair amount of singers and it's not unusual for everyonein the place to sing along. It's a wonderfully homey atmosphere.

You can check out Dennis'Tunes if you want to brush up on some of the repertoire frequentlyheard at this session (it's a starting point).

Someof the "regulars" are (l to r, standing): Rick Wharton, Mike Plunkett,Rich McGeehan, Dennis Gormley; (seated) Mike McElligott, Marie Ely and KathyDeAngelo.

Mike's 3 Beans Session Song

One of our long-standing sessioners, Mike McElligott,  has beenliterally singing the praises of the session in an on-going work-in-progress.Here it is:

Come to the session in Haddon Town,  Hear the music going roundand round
In the coffee house on Redman Street, The music there it can't be beat
Kathy plays on things with strings, Dennis plays most anything
The music's grand, the weclome too, The best cure I know for feelingblue.

Chorus: Three Bean Café's where we meet
Come on down and share a song or two

Bart sings songs melodious, Jim's songs have themes odious
Dave rescues it all with a dulcimer tune, A Beethoven ramble to whichhe'll croon
Marie sings well and on the flute she plays, John plays fiddle in oldtimey ways
Mike beats a drum and sings, No rhythm no rhyme or reason Chorus

Chris plays mandolin, banjo and more; MaryKay sings, plays flute, hasCDs in store
Heidi sings Scots Gaelic songs, Who knows what she's singing but it'sfine and strong
Jason on the flute prestidigitates, At speed flute playing he's oneof the greats
One night Eugene O'Donnell came in, Touched his fiddle and made itsing
We all just took it in  Chorus

Liz from the "Old Sod" the kingdom I meant, Is said to be a CCE-DV agent
The tinwhistle students play away, Some sing songs sad or gay
The entire singsong is great to hear, Players coming from far and near
Merrily Kiss the Quaker starts, Everyone joins in and plays their parts.Chorus

Come to the session to listen in, Before too long you'll join rightin
There's coffees around and even tea, Nothing stronger needed to setyou free
The music does its wondrous thing, Hornpipe, reel, a jig or a fling
Lifts your spirit and frees your soul, Keeps you from quitting andgoing on the dole.

Three Bean Café's where we meet
Come on down and share a song or two

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