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The Access PA News provides news and tips about the Access PA Catalog and ILL System, POWER Library, PA Photos and Documents, Ask Here PA, and other statewide services. The News is published on a weekly basis from September through May, with special reports as necessary at other times.  To subscribe to the Access PA News, please send an e-mail to with ‘Subscribe to Access PA News’ in the subject line and your full name in the message area.  Please note that subscriptions to this list are entered manually and it may take up to 48 hours to receive a confirmation that you are subscribed.

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E-mail Listservs

The following are the three most highly subscribed to e-mail lists hosted by HSLC.  (Note that HSLC hosts many  lists on behalf of the Office of Commonwealth Libraries and for libraries in PA.  Many of these e-mail lists are closed to certain groups by region, library type, or position.)

(For more information, including subscription instructions, please select the list.)

PAMAILALL (Discussion focuses on issues related to all library types in PA.) nw-10

PAPUBLIB (Discussion focuses on issues related to public libraries in PA.) nw-10

SCHOOLS (Discussion focuses on issues related to school libraries in PA.) nw-10