HSLC Customer Service Philosophy

HSLC strives to meet and exceed client library expectations for the delivery of products, services, training and support.
Our core values are expressed below.

HSLC is dedicated.

HSLC is knowledgeable, courteous, and responsive to client library needs.
HSLC provides timely, reliable and consistent support.

HSLC is trustworthy.

HSLC is a non-profit organization, and therefore is not driven by profit motives.
HSLC serves with integrity and is accountable to its client libraries, through open communication and effective use of resources.

HSLC is listening.

HSLC solicits client library input on matters important to development and delivery of library products and services.
HSLC is accessible to its client libraries for regular and emergency support response via mail, telephone, fax, a web-based help desk, and email support systems.

3600 Market Street, Suite 550
Philadelphia, PA 19104
215-222-1532 phone
215-222-0416 fax